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Summer School 2024

Summer School 2024

Interdisciplinary Digital Innovation – Transforming Ideas into Impact

Step into a world where diverse minds and cutting-edge technologies converge to redefine the possibilities of tomorrow. Our IT:U summer school ‘Interdisciplinary Digital Innovation – Transforming Ideas into Impact’ is designed for visionaries from varied disciplines to collaborate, leveraging a wide range of emerging technologies to creatively solve complex challenges of today’s world. In this era of rapid technological advancement, the ability to work across disciplines is not just advantageous; it’s essential. Join us as we explore how interdisciplinary approaches unlock unique solutions and drive innovation in ways that single-discipline endeavors simply cannot.

Beyond the labs, the program is enriched with interesting talks and workshops from research and industry. These provide fresh perspectives and inspire innovative thinking. This platform allows collaboration between students from various disciplines interested in technology and digital transformation. 

Participants will leave with enhanced technical and collaborative skills and experience in how cross-disciplinary teams can drive the future of technology. Join us to be part of a community that thrives on diversity and is dedicated to transforming ideas into impactful realities.

:learning goals

  • You will develop the ability to collaborate effectively in interdisciplinary teams, leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise to solve complex challenges in digital innovation. 
  • You will learn about and work with state-of-the-art digital technologies, tools, and resources across multiple disciplines, including but not limited to extended reality (XR), machine learning (ML), and robotics. 
  • You will enhance your critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities by identifying, analyzing, and addressing real-world problems.
  • You will develop an awareness of digital innovation’s ethical considerations and societal implications, including privacy, security, equity, and sustainability. 
  • You will improve your communication and presentation skills by articulating ideas, methodologies, and project outcomes to diverse audiences, including peers, mentors, and experts. 

:key infos

August 26th – September 8th 2024
2 weeks
IT:U Austria, Linz
Master and Ph. D. students interested in digital transformation
No fee! (Scholarship of 500 €).
Free accommodation and travel