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Provisional Bylaws

In its meeting of 3rd June 2024, the Founding Convention of IT:U adopted the following parts of the provisional Bylaws. Based on and within the framework of the Federal Act on the Establishment of the Institute of Digital Sciences Austria (hereinafter: IDSA Establishment Act), these Bylaws determine the regulations that, from the current perspective, are primarily necessary for the foundation and establishment phase of IT:U.  

These provisional bylaws cover the following parts:

  • Part I: General provisions and communication
  • Part II: Strategic management and performance agreement
  • Part III: International Strategic Advisory Board (ISAB)
  • Part IV: Job advertisement and hiring resp. appointment
  • Part V: Final provisions
  • Part VI: Organisational Structure Plan

Strategic principles of IT:U

According to the legal mandate, the Founding Convent is the strategic body of the new university in the founding phase and has, among other things, the task of defining „strategic principles“ for the institution in this phase.