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:founding president’s office

Be part of the adventure…

Across the globe, we are faced with challenges and opportunities of an increasingly complex and interdisciplinary nature. Progressing digitalization accelerates the adoption of data-driven methods and artificial intelligence driving the transformation of science, economy, and societies on a global scale.

Our goal is to educate a new generation of young people to become transformers. They have to be digitalization-savvy, at home in many fields, and able to collaborate across cultural and discipline boundaries. That’s our mission at IT:U, the Interdisciplinary Transformation University Austria.

This is also what our DNA is about: A university specifically dedicated to digital transformation. Our approach is based on interdisciplinary research and project-based learning, supported by, and advancing digital technologies. We are a university without disciplinary and institutional borders.

We are a technical university attracting students who have not studied technology for their first degrees, but who have come to appreciate computer science to solve problems close to their hearts. A technical university for and with women, with a diverse culture, and openness to embrace new approaches.

There are many different ways and opportunities to join IT:U. Our PhD program starts in the fall of 2024 while our master’s program starts in the fall of 2025. We are also looking forward to welcoming professors, scientists, and researchers. Join our team and help shape IT:U as a driver for digital transformation.

Interdisciplinarity is the path, digital transformation is our goal.


Stefanie Lindstaedt
Founding President