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Learn digital skills for the future at IT:U

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New ways of learning at IT:U Interdisciplinary Transformation University Austria

IT:U Interdisciplinary Transformation University Austria is one of the first public universities in Europe exclusively dedicated to the digital transformation of science, business and society. Based in Linz, Austria, we offer a new way of learning in a digital world. Our project-based and inclusive approach to technical education equips students from a wide range of disciplines with the digital skills required to tackle global challenges.

We drive an interdisciplinary and international research agenda. Our students come from a variety of fields and many different countries. At IT:U, they learn to use technology to transform the work they do in their disciplines. They become transformation architects answering challenges to society and the environment.

The three pillars of IT:U Interdisciplinary Transformation University Austria


Digitalization accelerates the adoption of data-driven methods and artificial intelligence. This drives the transformation of science, economy, and societies on a global scale.


We provide an innovative way of making our students digitalization-savvy, no matter which country or field they come from. The goal is to collaborate across cultural and disciplinary boundaries.


Some of the biggest scientific challenges today are cross-disciplinary. At IT:U Interdisciplinary Transformation University Austria, we teach the skills required for interdisciplinary collaboration.

Join the international campus at IT:U

Work on digital projects with a real-life impact at IT:U Interdisciplinary Transformation University Austria. We provide the space for you to learn and work on your ideas without a degree in a technology-related field. Work on projects around digital innovation with students and scientists from all over the world at our international campus in Linz.

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“The global digital transformation process poses entirely new challenges for humanity. Meeting these challenges, not only reactively but also in a preventative and scientific manner, is an absolute necessity. Therefore, IT:U Interdisciplinary Transformation University Austria is nothing short of an international flagship project.”
Claudia von der Linden, Head of Founding Convent, IT:U
Martin Polaschek, Austrian Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research© fotokerschi – IT:U
“We live in a time where digitization is advancing globally inexorably, permeating almost every aspect of our daily lives and professional activities. We want to seize digital transformation as an opportunity and actively participate in it to continue being at the forefront of international competition as a hub for economy and education. At IT:U Interdisciplinary Transformation University Austria, we are laying a solid foundation for this endeavor by providing space for digitization in science and art and educating experts who actively and creatively shape digital transformation.”
Martin Polaschek, Austrian Federal Minister of Education, Science and Research
Prof. Stefanie Lindstaedt, Founding President© Antje Wolm – IT:U
“Envision this: A university specifically dedicated to digital transformation, based on interdisciplinary research and project-based learning, supported by and advancing digital technologies. A university without disciplinary and institutional borders. A technical university attracting students who have not studied technology for their first degrees, but who have come to appreciate computer science to solve problems close to their hearts. A technical university for and with women, with a diverse culture, and openness to embrace new approaches. Get ready to transform our world!”
Stefanie Lindstaedt, Founding President, IT:U