About IT:U

IT:U is Austria’s first public interdisciplinary university, dedicated to the digital transformation for the benefit of our society, economy, and environment.

A new kind of science holds the key to sustainable solutions for the complex, multifaceted challenges we face today: Interdisciplinary research on digitalization transform how we do science, how we design systems, and how we contribute to solutions of global challenges.

IT:U prioritizes mission-based study programs and project-based learning. IT:U is dedicated to developing highly innovative learning technology for support and scalability.

By overcoming disciplinary boundaries, IT:U confronts the conflicting realities of today and cultivates the skills to navigate an increasingly digital world.

Vorläufige Satzung der IT:U (IDSA)

Provisional Articles of Association of IT:U (IDSA)

Strategische Grundsätze der IT:U (IDSA)

Strategic principles of IT:U (IDSA)


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