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The Interdisciplinary Transformation University IT:U is Austria’s first public university exclusively dedicated to the digital transformation of science, business and society.

Our project-based and inclusive approach to technical education equips Students from a wide range of disciplines with the 21st century skills required to tackle global challenges.

Our excellence in computational sciences drives an interdisciplinary research agenda in which Scientists from many fields utilize technology to transform their disciplines.

At IT:U, we gather and educate transformation architects who tackle challenges to Society and environment, and empower our Economy with interdisciplinary expertise. 

Explore the concept behind the IT:U

Accept the challenge

From climate change to public health: Our Society and Economy face complex challenges. Science is the key to creating sustainable solutions. Scientists must cooperate across disciplines and embrace computational methods to succeed. At IT:U, we research, teach and learn things that matter – to you, to the world. Are you prepared to accept the challenge?

Find your team

Interdisciplinary cooperation has been crucial for scientific success stories from particle physics to vaccine development. Both Scientists and Students thrive in international networks, collaborating in teams and embracing different perspectives. At IT:U, we have a clear vision for the University of the future – interdisciplinary, mission-based, project-driven, inclusive, and connected. Are you ready to find your dream team?

Take the leap

Computational methods present unprecedented research opportunities for many Scientists. Data science and Artificial Intelligence provide innovative and extremely scalable problem solving mechanisms. At IT:U, Students acquire a comprehensive range of technical skills, enabling them to build solutions powered by data, computational methods and artificial intelligence. Are you ready to take the digital leap?

Transform everything

Computational methods and digital technology are also changing how we learn and collaborate.  Our Scientists form an international network collaborating at the interface between research fields and computational methods. Our Students learn by solving real world challenges from Industry and Society. At IT:U, transformation is everywhere. Will you become a transformer?

News & Events

25 January 2024


Discover the results of the exciting projects of the FOUNDING LAB Fall Term! 

On January 25, we open the doors to an exclusive insight into the projects and their creation processes. During the day, we welcome you to join us for our Open House at IT:U, the Interdisciplinary Transformation University Austria. Afterwards, we invite you to our exclusive Evening Event at Ars Electronica Center (pre-registration required). 

Be there when innovative ideas come to life!

Meet the people behind the IT:U

Stefanie Lindstaedt

Founding President

"The global digital transformation process poses entirely new challenges for humanity. Meeting these challenges, not only reactively but anticipatorily and scientifically, is an absolute necessity. Therefore, the Digitaluni Linz is nothing short of an international flagship project."

„We live in a time where digitization is advancing globally inexorably, permeating almost every aspect of our daily lives and professional activities. We want to seize digital transformation as an opportunity and actively participate in it to continue being at the forefront in the international competition as a hub for economy and education. With the Institute of Digital Sciences Austria, we are laying a solid foundation for this endeavor by providing space for digitization in science and art and educating experts who actively and creatively shape the digital transformation.“

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